Healthy Diet with Nutrients to Replace Cereals

Having a slim and ideal body is certainly the dream of many individuals, especially women. Various ways are also done to have the body of your dreams, ranging from diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.

However, many individuals go on a diet by skipping consuming carbohydrates and fats. In fact, both are important nutrients needed by the body. This was also expressed by a nutritionist, dr. Cindawaty.

Dr. Cindy said that every individual needs carbohydrate intake in the amount that is not excessive. In addition, there are also several other intakes that the body needs.

Carbohydrates are not always rice. It can be oats with grains, and there can be a protein bonus. We need good fats too, which are in nuts. Next, we need probiotics to maintain the intestines, one of which is inulin.

Cereals to fill the body’s nutrition

For that, MS Slim wants to help individuals live a healthy diet by launching MSSlimmeal with natural ingredients that can be a source of 4 healthy 5 perfect for balanced body nutrition.

MSSlimmeal is a cereal powder from a blend of high-quality ingredients that can help you feel full longer.

Mixed from healthy ingredients such as multi grain, skim milk, oats, inulin, malt extract, whey protein isolate, full cream milk, almond extract, vitamin premix, and cocoa powder, this product is perfect for consumption in a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to maintain your weight after you have lost it, you can also consume this. If you eat this, you don’t like snacking.

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