Super Hero Inspired Video Slot Machines

Slots are coming a long way from its relatively simple design when it was invented in the 1800s compared to the vast improvements made to slots today. When Charles Fey invented the first three reel “one-armed bandit” in 1887 little could he have imagined the technological changes to his simple plan of a game played on a machine.

Today the halls of the big casinos echoes with the sound and lights of hundreds of highly computerized slot machines fine tuned with software that display a screen of virtual reels delighting, inspiring, and disappointing the millions who play slots every year. Now the slot machines are coming home, right on your home computer and you do not even have to go hopping on a bus or plane. Online slots are fairly new to slot machine players. The comfort, convenience and vast amount of information to help the novice of novice play online are overwhelming. Although online slots are fairly new the evolution of the slot machine continues, as hundreds of pound machines in casinos have been shrink and rolled up and placed right in the palm of your hands, beckoning to the tip of your finger. situs judi slot online

Mobile slots are not all that different from online slots. The only major disparity is that you are playing on your cell phone instead of online or in a casino. Developers have created software that is just as live and colorful as the real thing. Here I will share with you five simple steps to get you spinning and betting on your mobile device in no time.

Step One-Get Internet Enabled Phone

In order to play slots on your cell phone you need an internet enable phone. The variety of branded cell phone that can connect online is numerous. Getting a suitable cell phone is essential especially the graphic quality of your phone in order to enhance your slot playing experience. It is recommended that you know where you will be playing mobile slot before you buy a new phone if you do not already have one. You should find out the requirements to play on your phone. Most sites that provide mobile slot games will prompt you to choose your phone from a list of compatible phones. You do not want to get a new phone and then find out it is does not meet requirements.

Step Two-Get a Carrier

After getting you internet ready cell phone, you will need to have internet connection service on your phone. If you already have an internet enabled phone you will need to enquire with your carrier if there are additional charges for connecting online. You will need to have your data plan activated if it is not already working. If you are not sure that you have data activated on your cell phone, try to visit the WAP website. If you are able to see the website then you have the service. It is always better to have an unlimited data plan with your carrier.

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