The Buying Guideline for Prom Dresses

As an amateur fashion model, I am really interested in fashion and today, I would like to talk about how to choose a right dress for oneself. Remember, this is strictly written by my own personal preferences. You should just use my opinions as a reference, and also consider your own opinion.

There are two major things you need to consider when buying a dress. First is your height, are you short, or average, or tall? Depending on this variable, you can find out what dress length you should choose, whether it’s short, medium, and long. The second thing is your skin color and tone. The color of your skin is a major variable of what color of dress you should choose.

Finding the right dress is very challenging, but it is also a very exciting and happy moment before the prom. You want to be focused on, and prom is the stage where you produce yourself as an actor in front of many spectators. I will summarize some aspects of dresses with your height and skin color being the two main pivots to think of when you choose your dress.

I can make a very simple formula based on my own and my colleagues’ model experiences. The formula is in fact really simple; short is short, tall is long, and medium goes either way. If your height is shorter than normal, a long dress will make you look even shorter. On the contrary, if you are tall and you wear super short dress, it looks awkward and unbalanced. In this case, you should wear whether a long dress or knee length short dress. It will be a better choice because you and your dress will be shown more naturally in the right fitting. Brautkleid kaufen

If you are an average height person, you can go either short or the long. They will all be perfectly fitted with your average height. For example, tee length dresses are one good example. It looks sexy and wild with a romantic impression. Because of the nature of its design, simple colors are not attractive on it. Your best bet will be choosing a colorful or two colored dress that gives you a more dynamic image. You may try this type of dress if you are reserved and calm. Sometimes, you need to show your other dimensions based on the dress.

The second important element of dress buying is your color of skin. A pure solid skin color goes well with a solid color of dress, and the blended or medium tone of skin color may be good for medium color or print dresses. The solid colors I mention here are white, black, and red. The other blended or print colors will be purple, yellow, blue, teal, gray, burgundy, silver, fuchsia, or mixed colors, etc. For example, if your skin is either white or black tone, you can digest easily any prom dress with of white, black and red colors. This solid color dress represents your face more outstandingly, but if you choose a medium or dull color of dress, your face color will be blended with the color of dress. There is no contrast benefit. This is called a camouflage effect.

How about if you have a medium tone of skin color, like Asian, Latin, European, or Middle Eastern? These types of skin color individuals go well with a medium tone of color dresses such as mixed, two tones, or printed dresses. Your skin color and the color of your dress will be much more compatible without the contrast effect. You may choose more dynamic, colorful and fancy dresses to represent your medium tone skin color more.

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